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X-Files Reboot? [Jan. 18th, 2015|10:52 am]
alt.tv.x-files, the old generation

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I'm hopeful - hopefully it won't end up ruining things and they'll just pick things up from where the last movie left off. They might render the recent comic books as non-canon, and they need to get David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back.

I can imagine Robert Patrick not doing it as I seem to imagine him being busy with other things, but if none of them are around I can imagine the stars being Reyes and someone else and it would feel weird.

Fingers crossed - I've dreamt for years that this became a reality.
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X-Files giveaway (magazines, posters, phone card, press photos, etc.) [Jul. 10th, 2010|06:55 pm]
alt.tv.x-files, the old generation

I collected X-Files stuff from approximately 1995 to 1999. Unfortunately, I need to get rid of most of my XF collection. I have lots of domestic and international magazines, as well as some misc. items (promo FTF soundtracks, Extremis stuff, Emmy tapes, stamps, trade ads, press photos, phone cards, promo cards, posters, etc.). I have LOTS of magazines from summer 1998, when the first movie came out.

I'm willing to give away some stuff, and sell everything else at a bargain prices ($1-$5 in most cases). Like all of you, I have spent a lot of time and money acquiring and storing my collection, and it would mean a lot to me to know that I'm passing it on to a fellow fan. I can send you a list of my stuff if you're interested.

For international fans, I'm happy to ship outside the US, but overseas postage can be expensive since magazines weigh a lot.


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Episode 2x13: Irresistible [Jun. 16th, 2010|07:01 pm]
alt.tv.x-files, the old generation

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For anyone who would like to read it, I have written a mini-essay about my feelings on "Irresistible", here.
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The impending demise of Geocities XF sites [Sep. 12th, 2009|02:49 pm]
alt.tv.x-files, the old generation

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As many of you are already aware, very soon Yahoo will be shutting down its free accounts at Geocities. There are a huge number of fandom sites for The X-Files that are going to be lost forever if we don't get cracking. Just as the date for alien colonization has been set for 2012, the date for closing down Geocities has been announced. By October 26, 2009, if you had a free account with Geocities, your web page will no longer appear and the content, if not saved or moved elsewhere, will be lost.

There are fans, at Haven and at Fandomonium, myself included, who are actively trying to save fan fiction sites and move them to other hosting sites, or at least save the content. Most, if not all, individual site owners who could be contacted have been contacted, and asked if they are planning to move their fan fiction to another free or paid site. Now we are working on the many specialty archives and rec sites, going through them individually to see if their fic is already archived elsewhere, documenting where and so on. But there are many other wonderful, squee-full, happiness-inducing places that will be gone for good if we do nothing.

I will not lie. This is hard, time-consuming, frustrating work. If the number of invalid email addresses is any indication, the number of sites that have been abandoned by their owners is large. But there are options out there. If you are the owner of a resource site in need of a new home, the Organization for Transformative Works, through their Geocities Rescue Project would like to help you. If you are looking for a new site to house your fan fiction, you can get an account at Archive of Our Own.

If you are not the site owner, you can help by suggesting places, with their links, to the OTW archive, Fanlore, so that they can at least be screen-capped for archiving later. We are not the only fandom at risk in this situation so the all-volunteer OTW is getting a bit overwhelmed. If you have some time, or even if you have to make some time, your efforts would be greatly appreciated both by today's fans and future fans as well.

Please PM me if you have questions or want to help. This is my fandom. It used to be yours, I do believe. Maybe in a tiny piece of your heart, it still is. Thanks for your time.

Cross-posting to Everywhere
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X-VILLE RIDES AGAIN [Oct. 10th, 2008|02:40 pm]
alt.tv.x-files, the old generation

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Dudes, perhaps you've heard? As part of the Organization for Transformative Works, there's a new fan-run wiki called Fanlore and I've taken it upon myself to cobble together an entry for X-Ville. As that was a very long time ago and I am now very old, I can barely remember it and for some reason Google has made it impossible to read newsgroup posts in a useful and coherent order. NEVER MIND.

It is now up to YOU, YOU THE VIEWERS, to bring X-Ville back to its former glory by installing it firmly behind glass where all can gawk and wonder at its awkward hideousness!

That is to say: If you were a member of X-Ville or even just a fan, please visit the wiki and add some info in. We need more X-Ville facts, landmarks, members, and community groups and events! Tell us your X-Ville yarns! Tell your friends!

You have to sign up with Fanlore in order to edit the wiki, but that's quick and easy. You know what's also quick and easy? Learning to edit the wiki and promptly losing nine minutes nine hours of your life. I kid. That didn't happen to me or anyone I know. *cough*

But, seriously, stop by Fanlore and add your lore in. Up until last week I hadn't done anything but fix egregious spelling and punctuation errors on Wikipedia, and now I'm creating my very own brand new pages! It's addictive, but 100% organic, I swear.

ETA: ALSO, the entry for alt.tv.x-files is really naked. Think of the children!

x-posted to runpunkrun
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Checking in on July 25 [Jul. 25th, 2008|10:10 pm]
alt.tv.x-files, the old generation

Helloooo, is anybody reading this? I haven't been around anything XF related in quite some time. I haven't used Usenet in ages. Hell, this computer's OE isn't even properly set up with my ISP's newsgroup server because I've never felt particularly compelled to figure it out. But back in the day, I was pretty active in ATXF. Not one of the star, top posters; but moderately active I think. I'm Teddi Litman, the pediatric dentist from Miami. Yes, I used my real name pretty freely on the internet back then. Which could have been perhaps potentially embarrassing at some point. If a patient's parent wanted to Google me for some reason, they would have found more XF related links than anything related to dentistry or my practice back then. (Though, as you can see obviously, I still don't care *that* much.) Does anyone remember me? I glanced over this community's member's list; and saw a few familiar names/handles.

I see this community isn't particularly active ... no posts since last March hmm. Still, I stumbled across it today so I figure maybe a few other old ATXFers might also wander by soon as well. So I figured I'd try and say hi.  ATXF and the XF fandom was really my last great fandom membership in a sense. Oh, I'm still an internet junkie (proud new owner of a 3G iPhone so now my addiction is fully portable) and I've lingered around the edges of other fandoms, groups, communities what have you; but I've never been quite as completely involved ... um ... obsessed as I was back then.

Yes, I saw the movie today; and yes, I loved it. And yes, I know most of the critics so far have given it the thumbs down and some of those critics are claiming to be fans. My first thought of that as the movie ended: "Oh, those critics must have noromos." And then, "Actually, this film is a noromo nightmare. Good thing I'm a shipper. ;)" And then I thought about how strange it was that those thoughts popped into my head; because I had almost forgotten there were shippers and noromos and how contentious things often got between us and how weirdly important it all seemed back then ... and then, in a flash, it all came back to me! It was a pleasantly nostalgic moment.

So anyway, to all the shippers and noromos and even that strange little contingent that liked Doggett and Reyes ... HI!!!!! If you're out there, maybe you'll say hi back. :D
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WOW [Jan. 8th, 2008|12:01 pm]
alt.tv.x-files, the old generation

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those were the days.

Fun to see this here. I remember when I posted my first fic on alt.tv.xfiles. I don't even have that on disc anymore. Lost in the old-version net-ethers... *sigh*

But then we got the OSMB, so...
this is kewl! parTAY!
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X-Files Improv [Jan. 5th, 2008|10:28 am]
alt.tv.x-files, the old generation

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Anyone else read about this?

Dean Haglund X-Files Improv
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ! ! [Nov. 21st, 2007|05:40 pm]
alt.tv.x-files, the old generation

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to all of you, wherever you are!
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